ESG Initiatives

Afiniti GoGreen: championing sustainability
& fostering a culture of eco consciousness

Afiniti has formally launched a dynamic green initiative aimed at fostering awareness about sustainability and actively integrating eco friendly practices throughout the organization. The team has already implemented a range of sustainable projects and is also exploring a spectrum of initiatives and pioneering new avenues in the realm of sustainability.

Sustainability initiatives implemented

Afiniti Forest
Colleagues in Islamabad took the first step towards a sustainable future with the launch of the “Afiniti Forest” on October 18. Together with local authorities, a vibrant tapestry of 400 trees were planted along Islamabad’s illustrious 7th Avenue. These trees will diligently sequester carbon, enhance air quality, and their robust root systems will serve against soil erosion, preserving the terrain. Additionally, they will create a flourishing habitat for local fauna, catalyzing biodiversity within our urban enclave.

Laptop Donation Drives
Afiniti was in possession of numerous outdated laptops which were acquired over 5 years ago and had outdated software, thereby lacking the necessary technological capabilities to meet the current requirements of our users

The company decided to donate these laptops to non profit and charitable organizations where they can be utilized effectively.

Hand Dryers Installation
In a significant stride towards advancing the Go Green initiative, energy efficient hand dryers have been integrated into all Afiniti PK office restroom facilities. This noteworthy transition signifies a departure from the conventional use of paper towels, firmly establishing our unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Sensor Faucets Installation
To add to our commitment to sustainability and workplace modernization, state of the art sensor faucets have been installed cross all Afiniti PK offices. Aligned with our continuous efforts to foster an eco conscious environment, the introduction of sensor faucets reflects a forward thinking approach to water conservation . Acknowledging that even minor adjustments in our daily operations can wield significant environmental impact, this decision underscores our dedication to making a positive difference.

Vendor Information Form
Our dedication to corporate responsibility goes beyond our internal practices it extends to our partnerships as well.
Afinti’s Vendor Information Form (VIF), to be filled by all new vendors on SAP Ariba, includes a section emphasizing the paramount importance we place on Supplier Assessment in areas of Diversity, Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In this section, suppliers are encouraged to transparently showcase their commitment to:

  • Labor Practices: Detailing fair employment practices and commitment to upholding human rights within
    their operations.
  • Environmental Friendly Initiatives: Outlining environmentally friendly working practices, including energy efficiency and waste reduction.
  • Sustainable Procurement Habits: Ensuring responsible sourcing and ethical business conduct.
  • Human Rights Promotion: Demonstrating efforts to promote and safeguard human rights throughout their supply chain.
  • Environmental Impact: Describing their role in maintaining a green environment and contributing to waste reduction programs.

This initiative reflects Afiniti’s belief in fostering a collaborative ecosystem that shares our values of diversity, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility. By doing so, we are not just shaping a responsible and ethical supply chain but actively contributing to a better, more sustainable future.

Empowering Growth: Relaunching Women@Afiniti ERG

Afiniti proudly announces the relaunch of Women@Afiniti as a vibrant Employee Resource Group (ERG), a community fostering inclusivity, support, and advocacy for women within our workplace. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are employee-led, voluntary community groups in the workplace with a focus on building a culture of belonging as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The W@A ERG focuses on creating safe spaces for open conversations, providing essential tools and resources for women’s empowerment, promoting gender equity through initiatives, and enhancing overall engagement, belonging, and inclusion. Women@Afiniti embodies the spirit of women empowering women, with plans to expand inclusivity to allies in the future.

Last year saw remarkable achievements, including our first global International Women’s Day celebration, the launch of a Career Reboot Program in Pakistan, hosting AI/ML workshops for girls and non-binary youth with IGNITE Worldwide, conducting Speaker Series events and Mentoring Circles, and recognizing outstanding women & allies through STEM awarding bodies.

Looking ahead, we aim to continue our International Women’s Day celebration with our tree planting recognition initiative along with our Speaker Series events. We will continue hosting AI/ML workshops with IGNITE and unveil new programs like Data Science as An Art program. We plan to also launch a new season of Mentoring Circles and introduce a financial literacy & education program for women. Our commitment extends to ongoing partnerships with organizations like TechWomen.

We invite all women at Afiniti to volunteer in Women@Afiniti ERG, offering the opportunity to lead initiatives, support programs, or suggest new ideas. Together, we can shape a workplace that empowers, supports, and celebrates the diverse strengths of women. Join us in building a more inclusive future.

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