eXperienceAI is powered by Afiniti’s market-leading AI optimization technology

Afiniti’s eXperienceAI dynamically decides how contacts are optimally assigned, which channels and offers are most likely to succeed, and what the appropriate agent incentives are. The result is an ongoing, measurable improvement to customer lifetime value and enterprise profitability.

eXperienceAI is powered by Afiniti’s unique AI optimization technology which delivers over $2.2 billion in annual customer value to enterprises worldwide.

eXperienceAI provides real-time AI-driven optimization of every decision in your customer journey, matching caller, agents, offers, channels and incentives.

It adapts automatically over time to ensure value does not degrade in an environment as dynamic as the contact center.

eXperienceAI optimizes desired business outcomes, such as retention, conversion rates, revenue or lowering cost per interaction.

It learns patterns of success from historical customer and outcome data to deliver intelligence in live production environments.

Seamlessly integrate into the existing enterprise contact ecosystem, delivering business value without impacting your operations.

Our eXperienceAI results are precisely measurable

Afiniti’s eXperienceAI is the only known application of enterprise software that deliver transformational and ongoing, precisely measurable results at the enterprise scale. While increases in customer satisfaction and empathy are hard to quantify, the resulting revenue and cost impacts are precisely measurable.

We turn our AI Optimizations ON and OFF throughout the day, creating a control group in which to compare ourselves to, with a typical cycle  20 minutes ON, and 5 minutes OFF. While ON, Afiniti will deliver incremental improvements to a chosen business metric, such as net change in recurring revenue or conversation rate.

AI Offers
AI Commissions

Afiniti’s success relies on our measurement’s transparent, objective, and accurate nature. The same patented measurement methodology ensures all customers and agents are treated fairly, and our AI is responsible. Our clients continue to deploy their routing strategies during our OFF cycles. The OFF cycles represent and measure our clients’ evolving baseline performance. It’s a champion-challenger model.

Partner integrations

Afiniti has a strong track record of seamless integration with the leading global contact center technologies.

Afiniti Link is our certification program for businesses in the technology, telephony, or IT sectors that provide enterprise communication services and infrastructure.

Once enrolled, you will receive detailed technical guidelines to build, market, sell, and deploy as an official Afiniti Link Partner.

Contact us today to discuss joining Afiniti Link.

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