Afiniti Inside - Our CX AI infrastructure solution to power the next generation of customer engagement

The Afiniti Inside suite is our CX AI infrastructure solution which provides our strategic partners with a new paradigm for building market-leading customer engagement platforms. We believe infinite, omni-channel scalability will usher in a new era of AI capability within cloud customer engagement, while accelerating enterprises to a net-zero carbon platform.

Afiniti’s proprietary AI Pairing techniques, combined with 17 years of operating on top of market leading contact center platforms, has led to some major innovations and technological breakthroughs, primarily with respect to efficiency and scalability.

Afiniti Inside offers a composable set of CX AI services which offer:

Accelerated migrations
Innovation with low disruption
A super-set of routing features
25X more sustainable platform

Together with our partners, we see the future of customer engagement as a platform that combines outcome-based AI optimizations, CRM data, and the underlying omni-channel customer engagement platforms. Our Afiniti Inside suite represents a new era of CX AI and a path to a more sustainable technology footprint.

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Native AI capabilities that improve outcomes and experiences by identifying the right channel, agent, and offer for your customers

A built-to-learn AI engine that uses enhanced reporting and analytics to continuously adapt and evolve

Responsible AI design, testing, and monitoring to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements


Support for voice, SMS, email, web chat, WhatsApp, and much more

A customer-centric design, giving agents the ability to handle multiple channels within the same interaction

Built to facilitate an improved customer journey across channels

Composable architecture

Cloud-native multi-tenant platform 

Industry-leading scalability, supporting over 100,000 concurrent agents on a single instance

A modular design that enables partners to compose their own, differentiated offerings, leveraging open APIs

An easy pathway to the cloud

Seamless cloud migration that preserves your existing routing strategies

Automated migration tools to transition to the cloud in weeks, not months 

A rich set of traditional voice features and interoperability capabilities, eliminating the need for businesses to compromise on functionality

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