Sky Extends Partnership With Afiniti to Deliver Better Customer Experiences

LONDON, Sept. 21, 2021 – Afiniti, a global provider of AI-based behavioral pairing technology, today announced a multi-year extension to its contract with Sky, Europe’s leading media and entertainment company.

Sky uses Afiniti’s technology to help customers resolve issues over the phone more quickly and easily. Rather than routing customers to the first available agent, Afiniti’s patented AI analyses behavioral patterns to pair customers with agents based on who they will best interact with — and who is best able to solve the customer’s problem.

Afiniti’s pairings lead to better conversations that reduce the need for transfers or follow-up calls — making each customer’s experience of interacting with a brand as enjoyable and easy as possible.

“As one of our longest-standing partners, Sky has proven to be a great ally in our effort to transform customer interactions,” said Sabine Azancot, General Manager, United Kingdom, at Afiniti. “Every interaction is an opportunity for brands to give customers a better experience. That’s where Afiniti comes in — by ensuring Sky’s customers get to speak to the person they’re most likely to click with that day. We are incredibly proud of the trust the Sky team places in our technology and its ability to bring customers closer.”

The new deal significantly expands the two companies’ partnership, including a new focus on innovation that provides Sky with early access to Afiniti’s new product capabilities.

It will also allow Sky to extend Afiniti’s technology to customers of Sky Europe, as well as its Digital and Retail channels.

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Afiniti uses the power of AI to help brands create happier, more loyal customers. Afiniti’s unique ability to precisely measure the value of its technology through ON/OFF cycles means clients only pay for a percentage of the value delivered. It has over 150 deployments in major enterprises and has optimised more than 600,000 agents and 700 million customers. Afiniti’s technology continually learns and improves, analyzing 1.3 million interactions every day to refine its pairings. Afiniti’s technology is proven to deliver hundreds of millions of dollars in incremental revenue to its clients each year, in sectors as diverse as telecoms, banking, insurance, retail and healthcare. To learn more, visit

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Sky is Europe’s leading media and entertainment company and is proud to be part of the Comcast group. Across six countries, we connect our 23 million customers to the best entertainment, sports, news, arts and to our own award-winning original content.

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