Responsible AI

How we build responsible AI.

At Afiniti, we use AI to make moments of human connection more valuable. We design and deploy our technology responsibly to deliver value to the people it brings together.

We do this because we believe that using AI responsibly is good for everyone. That includes the brands who use our AI, contact center agents, and consumers who expect fair treatment and responsible use of their data.

We apply these responsible AI principles in everything we do.

  1. Accountability: Accountability sits at the foundation of our responsible AI program, which is focused on responsible AI by design. This includes the implementation, execution, and reinforcement of Afiniti’s responsible AI principles. Our customers can trust that we have appropriate oversight mechanisms in place to monitor the development and use of AI systems. They can also trust that our approach to responsible AI is an ongoing commitment shared by everyone at Afiniti.

  2. Explainability: Decisions made by AI should be understandable by stakeholders and backed up by repeatable evidence. So we make sure we explain our AI and the value it delivers. Afiniti seeks to provide our customers with the ability to understand how our AI works, especially when it comes to identifying and mitigating any potential bias in the decisions the AI makes.

  3. Transparency: We value transparency and demonstrate this principle through our patented benchmarking system. Throughout the day, our AI cycles on and off in short periods of time. Measuring the results of Afiniti’s system against the “OFF” cycle means customers can see the precise improvements we deliver on metrics such as revenue.

  4. Fairness: We mitigate and prevent bias through the implementation of bias deterrence controls and constant monitoring of our AI systems. Afiniti takes steps to prevent bias in our AI by working with our customers to screen the data being used, and by monitoring the decisions our AI makes. By using a randomized control group, Afiniti’s benchmarking capability allows us to ensure that bias does not feature in the Afiniti system.

  5. Data Protection: We’re committed to privacy by design and rigorous security. Afiniti has robust procedures in place to ensure we collect, store, and process data responsibly and securely, including incorporation of privacy by design best practices. Our customers entrust us with their consumers’ data, in the knowledge that strong privacy and security infrastructure are foundational and critical elements of our responsible AI program.

  6. Compliance: We adhere to all applicable requirements, including laws, regulations, policies, and contractual obligations with our customers. Afiniti closely monitors legal and regulatory developments globally regarding responsible AI, and our customers can trust that we maintain compliance as well as alignment with the latest best practices and guidance. 

Our responsible AI program.

Afiniti’s responsible AI program features a set of policies and procedures based on our core principles and a focus on responsible AI by design. The aim of our program is to identify and mitigate risks specific to our technology and its impact on customers, employees, and consumers.

Led by Afiniti’s Chief Data Officer Dr. Caroline O’Brien, our responsible AI program is executed across key stakeholder groups within Afiniti, including product, engineering, data science, customer relations, legal, compliance & risk, information security, and data governance. These teams partner to ensure Afiniti’s technology is built responsibly from the ground up. Afiniti activates continuous monitoring and measurement capabilities within each customer’s contact center environment to guarantee robust fairness and safety controls.

Afiniti’s responsible AI program also aligns with the latest industry standards, including the recommendations provided within the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) AI Risk Management Framework.

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