How Afiniti Can Help Facilitate Growth in Insurance

Inflation is driving up the cost of living across the world, and the US is no exception. This, in turn, is driving up the cost of providing quality coverage and services across the insurance industry.

As inflation continues to raise premiums for policyholders, it similarly compresses margins for providers. This has caused many providers to stop selling in certain states and halt growth altogether.

But what if there was another way to guard against the pressures of inflation and lower comprehensive ratios without putting a stop on the acquisition of new policyholders?

There is, and it starts by using AI to match customers with the agent that they are most likely to click with, and who can use the interaction to deliver customer satisfaction and a more successful business outcome.

By deploying AI to predict patterns in human behavior, Afiniti can pair policyholders with agents on the basis of behavior, enabling better interactions. These intelligent pairs lead to higher customer satisfaction, increased sales and retention, and a level of personalization policyholders have come to expect.

AI pairing at work to transform the quality of conversations

In most contact centers today, as a customer contacts a company, they are typically routed to the next available agent. Afiniti’s pairing solution opens up a whole new world of possibilities, by going beyond this sequenced routing system. As agents become free, our AI deploys specialized machine learning techniques to identify agents’ unique interaction histories. In parallel, the technology identifies customer histories and likely intent, in order to predict which customer-agent pairing is most likely to result in a successful outcome.

Models are trained and validated to identify predictors and patterns of behavior, which can then be implemented in real-time. The patterns enable the algorithms to estimate the probability of success of various potential agent-customer pairs, then select the pair that maximizes the likelihood of success.

Personalize every interaction

These enhanced pairs are determined in part by analyzing information relevant to the context of an interaction — such as policy, geography, premiums paid, and reasons for past contacts — with the specific aim of discerning which agent is best suited for each individual’s situation.

On the back end, Afiniti further leverages AI and machine learning techniques to identify overarching conversational patterns. Its algorithms learn and improve over time, analyzing millions of interactions every day. Afiniti works closely with clients, using these observations to continually evolve their customer experience, delivering even better outcomes.

Afiniti is also one of the few applied artificial intelligence solutions able to precisely measure the results that it delivers to clients. For the entirety of a client’s relationship, Afiniti benchmarks its performance by running its AI algorithms ON and OFF in short time cycles continuously, typically at 80% ON and 20% OFF. By comparing the contact center or client performance during these two time periods, Afiniti is able to demonstrate exactly how much impact it has on interactions.

The beginning of the journey

The Afiniti deployment process is led by Afiniti’s Global Deployment and Engineering team. It typically requires between 60 and 90 days, and involves close work with the client to ensure optimized performance and the alignment of business objectives.

Afiniti’s deployment experience includes integration with all major telephony, database, and related contact center systems vendors. In most cases, Afiniti’s cooperation and partnership with these providers ensure a smooth deployment experience. Furthermore, Afiniti clients do not pay any installation or CapEx costs, and are only charged a percentage of the incremental value gains that Afiniti has delivered.

Satisfy Ideal Customers

Every end customer comes with a certain degree of risk. Using Afiniti’s AI, providers can identify low-risk individuals that any business should want to retain and acquire. By using Afiniti’s pairing to deliver a personalized and enhanced customer experience, providers can enable satisfaction at every opportunity while simultaneously growing their business.

If your organization is interested in improving the quality of your customer experience and sustainably growing your business, please contact us today.

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