Afiniti President Tom Inskip moderates panel on AI and sustainability at COP28

Afiniti President, Tom Inskip, moderated a panel at COP28 with the Sustainable Markets Initiative on the role of digital technology in accelerating sustainability, featuring Tony Bates, the CEO of Genesys, Kate Kallot, the CEO of Amini AI, Natasha Franck, the CEO of EON, and Greg Jackson, the CEO of Octopus Energy.

Tom and the panellists agreed that decarbonizing technology’s own footprint is essential not only to achieve the global sustainability objectives set by the United Nations, but also to build confidence in technology and AI as drivers of sustainability. Digital technology and AI have a crucial role to play in helping other sectors minimize their carbon footprint, through innovation, data and AI that lead to sustainable action and behaviors all through the value chain of any product or service.

“At Afiniti, we are committed to taking the necessary steps to ensure that sustainability is at the heart of everything we do,” said Inskip. “As a leading technology company, we need to encourage and support sustainability, and help spread knowledge on what we can do as an industry to achieve sustainable outcomes.”

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