Afiniti Announces Board and Executive Leadership Changes

Friday, January 14, 2022 — Afiniti’s CEO and Chair Larry Babbio today announced a series of board and executive leadership changes, aimed at strengthening the company’s operations and growth.

Martha Bejar has been appointed as a member of the Board of Directors of Afiniti. Ms. Bejar brings more than 35 years of experience in global leadership and building rapid growth businesses, having acted as CEO and Director of several private companies, including Unium, Flow Mobile and Wipro Infocrossing. Ms. Bejar also served as corporate vice president of the communications sector for Microsoft Corp.

Mr. Babbio said: “Afiniti is an exceptional company with exceptional people. In 2022, we will build on Afiniti’s superior talent and technology to become an even stronger business. The board and leadership changes we’re announcing today are critical to that effort, and I am confident we have the right team to take Afiniti to the next level of success.”

Michelle Digulla, currently GM of Canada for Afiniti, is appointed as Afiniti’s Chief People Officer. Ms. Digulla will oversee all aspects of Afiniti’s human resources strategy and development — including an increased focus on diversity, equity and inclusion, and a cross-company review of Afiniti’s culture and values. Ms. Digulla previously held leadership roles including President and Country Manager at Motorola and Sony Mobile.

Caroline O’Brien, Chief Data Officer, is taking on an expanded role including all product management. Dr. O’Brien will be responsible for improving and expanding Afiniti’s product portfolio, while further strengthening the company’s data strategy and governance. Prior to joining Afiniti in 2017, Dr. O’Brien was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and held data science roles at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Natalie Cerny is now Chief Marketing & Communications Officer. Ms. Cerny joined Afiniti in April 2021 as Chief Communications Officer, and has been instrumental in building its global communications team. Ms. Cerny will now add marketing to her remit. She has two decades of experience, most recently with Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal, and REA Group.

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