At Afiniti, our values are fundamental to who we are, where we're going, and how we'll get there.

They reflect the inventiveness and creativity that happens at Afiniti every day, while also pushing us to be our best in the way we work and the joy we create for our colleagues and our customers.

Think big.

We are inventors. Seekers. Pioneers. When we can see a way forward, we run with it. When the way forward is not obvious, we dig. When the way forward seems obvious, we test. When we hit an obstacle, we're resourceful and relentless. We smile in the face of "stuck". We give each other the time, the space, the backup to try new things.

Build trust.

We see ourselves through our customers' eyes - and do what's right by them. When it comes to our colleagues, we see the best in everyone. We start with the belief that we're all here to do our best, and we trust each other to do what we say we will do. When something's not working, we tell it like it is (in the kindest possible way). We make each other proud.

Work smart.

We know where we're going and the steps we need to take to get there. We work smart and hard, pursuing excellence in everything we do. We're there for our colleagues. We're also there for the family and friends whose love powers our ability to do great work. We honor their contribution to our working lives by making every hour count. That means pulling together to get projects done and talking often so we don't overlap. It also means we care about documenting - to save each other time down the line.

Be open.

We have open minds, open hearts, and open ears. We're open in the sense that we're inclusive: we are listeners and speakers and sharers. We talk often, across time zones, cultures, teams. We're natural consultors and helpers and reach-outers. We're also open in how we make decisions. Like the well-trained scientists many of us are, we show how we got there.

Spread joy.

We believe a workplace should be somewhere people feel inspired to turn up every day. We actively choose to keep the joy levels high. We take the time to celebrate wins, however big or small. We understand the power of a thank-you, and we're generous with praise. This joy extends to everyone we work with - and the difference we can make to them.