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AI that optimizes for better outcomes

At Afiniti, our CX AI solutions (eXperienceAI™ suite and Afiniti Inside™) are responsibly designed to leverage AI, data and cloud infrastructure to improve the productivity of customer engagement and drive measurably better outcomes. Afiniti’s mission is to remove skills or rules-based-systems from the customer experience eco-system, personalizing customer experiences and empowering partner platforms to become predictive systems.

Afiniti CX AI Optimization
Afiniti eXperienceAI

Our eXperienceAI technology personalizes customer engagement which improves the quality of interactions between businesses and their customers, in turn, leading to measurably increased value. Happier customers tend to spend more and stay longer.

Afiniti CX AI Infrastructure
Afiniti Inside

Together with our partners, we see the future of customer engagement as a platform that combines outcome-based AI optimizations, CRM and the underlying omni-channel orchestration platform. Our Afiniti Inside suite enables our cloud partners to usher in this new era of CX AI.

Where it works

Afiniti’s CX AI is typically used to optimize customer interactions that benefit from empathy and is precisely measured in terms of revenue, margin or customer lifetime value impact. Our CX AI solutions are also applied to service metrics, optimizing for improved customer satisfaction, handle time or time to resolution metrics.

Responsible AI by design

We continuously subject our AI to rigorous controls and governance. All our products are designed responsibly from the ground up in accordance with our six responsible AI principles: accountability, explainability, transparency, fairness, data protection, and compliance.

Dr. Caroline O’Brien
“It is critical to understand the value any AI system is creating to ensure it remains equitable in the treatment of employees and customers. That’s why Afiniti builds and deploys our products based on responsible AI principles. Afiniti’s robust safety controls, including our patented benchmarking capability, allow us to constantly measure the outputs of our AI so it is both safe and effective.”

Dr. Caroline O’Brien
Chief Data Officer and Head of Product

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