Our AI personalizes the customer experience which increases the quality of the interaction, in turn leading to measurably more value. Happier customers tend to spend more and stay longer.

Afiniti’s CX AI dynamically decides how contacts are optimally assigned, which channels and offers are most likely to succeed, and what the appropriate agent incentives are. The result is an ongoing, measurable improvement to customer lifetime value and enterprise profitability.

Revenue Metrics

Unlock revenue generation potential for your enterprise, acquire and retain profitable customers, and provide more valuable, empathetic and personalized experiences.

Increase revenue by up to


Cost Metrics

Reduce costs and enhance experiences by improving performance on service metrics such as average handle time and first call resolution.

Reduce costs by up to


A multidimensional approach to driving better outcomes

AI Pairing offers the ability to optimally assign customers to agents and channels, putting your customers and your people at the heart of the decision. To maximize impact, we’ve incorporated further dimensions into our AI optimization with the addition of AI Offers and AI Commissions. Adding dimensions leads to more data, more granularity leads to more predictive AI models, which leads to better outcomes.

Afiniti Pairing

Afiniti deploys specialized machine learning techniques to identify, predict, and understand patterns of human behavior across large sets of aggregate data. Afiniti’s technology analyzes information such as customer intent, preferences, and agent history to make future predictions at a customer or agent level that beats skills or rules-based systems.

Afiniti Offers

Afiniti determines the customer-agent-offer combination that is most likely to deliver a successful outcome. By leveraging AI to analyze both offer catalogs and each individual interaction, Afiniti is able to optimize incumbent offer recommendation engines.

Afiniti Commissions

Afiniti dynamically generates agent commissions to ensure optimal budget allocation, perfect alignment with outcomes, and agent fairness. It improves upon rules-based agent compensation structures, which are invariably barriers to maximizing both the agent and enterprise opportunity.

Our CX AI results are precisely measurable

Afiniti’s CX AI Optimizations are the only known applications of enterprise software that delivers transformational and ongoing, precisely measurable results at enterprise scale. While increases in customer satisfaction and empathy are hard to quantify, the resulting revenue and cost impacts are precisely measurable.

Throughout the day, all Afiniti CX AI Optimizations are deployed for 20 minutes in every 25-minute cycle; so a typical cycle will be 20 minutes ON, 5 minutes OFF. While ON, Afiniti will deliver incremental improvements to a chosen business metric, such as net change in recurring revenue or conversation rate.

AI Offers
AI Commissions

Afiniti’s success relies on the transparent, objective, and accurate nature of our measurement. The same patented measurement methodology is used to ensure all customers and agents are treated fairly and our AI is responsible. During our OFF cycles, our clients continue to deploy their own routing strategies. The OFF cycles represent and measure our clients’ evolving baseline performance. It’s a champion-challenger model.

Unique business model

Our ability to precisely measure our benefit also makes Afiniti an “AND” rather than an “OR” business decision. For our CX AI Optimization solutions we do not sell software, hardware, or professional services. Instead, we charge a commission on the precisely measured incremental benefit we deliver at the end of each month. Our promise to our customers is the value we deliver is priced to be margin accretive, which means Afiniti’s contribution is guaranteed to be more profitable than alternative growth drivers. We advocate for fixed, variable and hybrid commercial structures, ultimately agreeing the partner model that works best for the customer.

Partner integrations

Afiniti has a strong track record of seamless integration with the leading global contact center technologies.

Afiniti Link

Afiniti Link is our certification program for businesses in the technology, telephony, or IT sectors that provide enterprise communication services and infrastructure.

Once enrolled, you will receive detailed technical guidelines to build, market, sell, and deploy as an official Afiniti Link Partner.

Contact us today to discuss joining Afiniti Link.

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