Transforming Enterprise Profitability

Today, Afiniti’s artificial intelligence platform is transforming the profitability of more than 150 enterprise environments across the globe.

Our patented technology processes over a trillion calculations per second to help predict human interactions and optimally pair enterprise employees with their customers.

In partnership with McKinsey Solutions, the data and analytics arm of McKinsey & Company, we deliver measurable increases in revenues, reductions in costs, and improvements in customer satisfaction to our clients.

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interactions optimized


in revenue created


enterprise employees optimized

How it Works

Afiniti pairs employees and customers on the basis of predicted behavior.

Traditionally, customers contacting an enterprise are handled in the sequence of their arrival. In this First-In First Out scenario, when an employee becomes available he or she will be allocated to the longest waiting contact.

With Afiniti, we go beyond the mechanical in-sequence First-In First-Out identify “big data” human behavioral patterns to optimally pair employees and customers in enterprise interactions. We refer to this process as Enterprise Behavioral Pairing™ or EBP.

Selected Clients

Afiniti has deployed over 150 programs for some of the world’s largest businesses.


Afiniti generates $70 million in new revenue for
T-Mobile each year.

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  • 50M

    Calls optimized annually

  • $70M

    Incremental annual revenue

  • 5%

    Increase in telesales revenue

  • 3%

    Increase in collections revenue


Afiniti has increased sales conversion rates by 3% at Sky.

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  • 47K

    New customers annually

  • 3%

    Increase in sales conversion rate

  • 2%

    Reduction in

  • 30M

    Calls optimized annually

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We are working with some of the biggest global brands across a wide range of sectors.

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