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Marta Vincenzi

Manager, Client Data Service
Marta Vincenzi

Marta is a Client Data Service Manager at Afiniti. She is responsible for the analysis of client data, including data discovery, customer support, and the set-up of all data-related operations in order to ensure effective AI processing.

Marta was previously employed at Windtre. She has gained over ten years of experience in the Telco industry delivering value through data analysis, machine learning, and data visualization to take on customer retention, marketing, business control, and credit risk management challenges. She was also responsible for developing business intelligence tools and overseeing data governance projects.

Marta received her MSc in Economics and her BA in Business Management from the Sapienza University of Rome. She also holds a Master’s degree in Statistics for Big Data.

She loves nature in all of its forms, and she spends her spare time reading avidly as well as wandering through parks and monuments.