Team Sao Paulo

The São Paulo office is located in the economic heart of Brazil.

The office opened in 2016, and today serves a number of leading telecommunication and banking clients across Brazil with over 20 BPO deployments.

Responsible for serving our clients in Latin America, our ever-growing team in São Paulo works across Management, Data, Global Deployment Engineering and Technical Support functions.

Afiniti in Sao Paulo

Sampa is the largest, most vibrant, and wealthiest city in Brazil.

Commonly known as Sampa to the locals – and its residents referred to as Paulistanos – São Paulo is a diverse metropolis, and has established itself as the business and cultural capital of Latin America.

Brigadeiro Faria Lima Avenue, where the Afiniti office is located, has recently started to be perceived as a sort of "Brazilian Wall Street" due to the many financial institutions headquartered there and on adjacent streets.

Rich in history, São Paulo was built by waves of immigrants that started to arrive in Brazil in the 19th century. The diverse groups of people have created a wonderful multicultural and creative city.

Afiniti in Sao Paulo