Team Istanbul

Afiniti’s office in Istanbul is in Kolektif, in the heart of the Levent business district.

Afiniti's Turkey office opened in 2017. The small but mighty team is based in Kolektif House, which was transformed from an old embroidery factory into a modern working and living space.

The office has many unique features: a garden terrace to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, regular yoga and meditation classes after work, and even a mini golf course in the middle of the office.

Turkey is Afiniti's fourth R&D center worldwide. Our continued expansion means increases in intellectual property and new roles involving AI, research, operations and analysis.

In 2019, we sponsored Smartcon, a leading summit series that helps companies comprehend and utilize data-driven strategies, and learn about emerging technologies relevant to their business.

Afiniti in Levent

Kolektif House, Levent is the flagship of the Kolektif Group.

Kolektif House is a new office concept providing a creative, productive, social and economic work experience for entrepreneurs, companies and freelancers.

With exposed brick walls, industrial concrete, green plants, striking wall art and quirky design touches, this branch of Kolektif House co-working space combines high design with a strong sense of community.

It is one of the most desirable spaces in Istanbul, and now houses the Istanbul Culture and Arts Foundation as well as Afiniti.

Istanbul is a vast and quickly expanding city; urban development has skyrocketed. With its rich history as a center of world trade, some say the only constant in Istanbul is change.

Afiniti in Levent