Team Hamilton

Hamilton is Afiniti’s global headquarters.

Afiniti has been headquartered in Bermuda since the company’s inception. Our office space may have changed over the years as we’ve grown, but Bermuda has always been an ideal destination for hosting our Board meetings and Management deep-dives, a workplace for our legal team, and more recently, the setting for much of our halo brand videos and photography.

You might notice the famous pink sand of Pink Beach make an appearance, as well as one of the oldest designed gardens in the country, the location of which we are keeping as our little secret.

Afiniti in Hamilton

Pembroke Parish: Central location, central to Afiniti.

The picturesque harbor city is the capital of Bermuda and its main business district, making it an ideal place for Afiniti’s headquarters. The office’s location on Wesley Street is a short walk from Front Street’s pastel buildings, the Cabinet Gardens, and Fort Hamilton. The team certainly doesn’t complain about easy access to water views either!

Hamilton is home to historic government buildings, galleries, shops, and parks, making it one of the top spots to spend the day in Bermuda.

Afiniti in Hamilton