Michelle Digulla to lead Afiniti's Canada operations

Michelle Digulla to lead Afiniti's Canada operations

We are excited to announce Michelle Digulla as our General Manager of Canada. Michelle will oversee all commercial operations and strategy in Canada and help to expand our client engagement in the US.

Previously, Michelle served as Chief Revenue Officer, Canada, driving business development and overseeing the Canadian Client Services team.

Prior to joining Afiniti, Michelle held leadership roles including President and Country Manager at Motorola & Sony Mobile. She also ran Marketing and E-commerce for the largest wireless retailer in Canada and one of the largest media companies in Canada.

Michelle holds a BA in political science and an MBA from McMaster University, and leverages her academic and business background to co-lead an initiative supporting women in technology at Afiniti.

Working with our growing team in Toronto, Michelle has helped Afiniti build a strong foundation for success in Canada as we continue to pursue exciting new growth opportunities.