Infographic: The History of Artificial Intelligence

Infographic: The History of Artificial Intelligence

The history of AI dates back to 400 BCE, and has been built over the centuries by inventors, writers, and scientists across the globe.

Named as artificial intelligence only after 1950s, the field spans years of work by masterminds such as Thomas Bayes, Lady Ada Lovelace, Gordon Moore, Paul Benioff, and more. Today, hundreds of thousands of scientists work on AI, building the foundations of what’s yet to come.

Thanks to them, we now live in a world where AI technologies make life easier in many areas, ranging from contact centers to hospitals. Apple’s Siri is a recognizable voice, autonomous cars can react faster to hazards, neural networks are recognizing images, and AI is aiding human doctors in identifying cancers and diseases.

Explore the history of artificial intelligence in our infographic:


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The History of AI