01The idea is born


02First deployments




04Global expansion


05The wilson era


01The idea is born


History / 01

The idea is born

First solve the problem; then write the code

Initial algorithm developed by Zia and a small team in Zia’s flat in Washington, DC. It was 80 thousand lines of code. Today, the algorithm delivers 8 times the performance, is over 4 million lines of code, and only has 1200 lines identical with the original 2006 draft.

solve Problem
BPO testing

Initial testing conducted at the BPO IBEX contact center across 700 agents. Algorithm delivered 0.8% revenue gain and was declared a success!

First BPO
A place to call home

Afiniti rented two rooms at 1700 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC.

Place to Call Home
First set of patents

Several patents submitted in 2008 including "Separate pattern matching algorithms and computer models based on available caller data", patent number 8634542 submitted in December 2008. Granted on January 21st 2014.

First Set of Patents

02First deployments


History / 02

First deployments

First US client

Caesars Entertainment in Vegas launches in 2009 across 250 seats. Today we’re still delivering an average of 5% improvement in sales each year.

First US client
T-Mobile first telco client, out of Seattle

After hospitality came our first telco client, T-Mobile, starting off optimizing telesales. John Birrer, the initial sales lead at T-Mobile is now Zia’s Chief of Staff.

TMO - First Teclo
Series-B funding round closes

Series-B, led by TRG closes, providing funding for R&D, taking total funding raised to $12.5M.

Series-B funding round closes
Second major iteration of the algorithm adds machine learning components to support on data chaining

Funding used to build out data chaining and associated patents allowing multiple data sources to chain information to provide richer behavioral patterns.

Development of the...



History / 03


Global partnership; Series C closes

McKinsey & Company forms a strategic partnership with Afiniti, and leads the Series-C round, closing in October 2014. To date, McKinsey and Afiniti have partnered on 21 projects.

Mckinsey Joins
T-Mobile signs enterprise deal

Afiniti’s first enterprise agreement is signed with T-Mobile USA. Today, we’re live on 18,000 agents across 14 sites and deliver over $100M of proven incremental value each year.

T Mobile Enterprise
Sky and DTV start pilots

Our venture into PayTV began with pilots at Sky and DTV in 2014, marking our fourth industry vertical.

Sky Joins
London office space rented

Europe beckons and Afiniti signs on a space in Milbank Tower together with a pilot at the AA, marking our first insurance client. Today, the London team is over 30 people.

Move into Millbank
Global offsite

Our first global offsite took place; the first time the global team had been together in the same room.

First Summit

04Global expansion


History / 04

Global expansion

Offices opened in Paris, Milan, Madrid, Sao Paolo, Dusseldorf, Hong Kong

Our global expansion sees a further seven offices open in the system to serve local clients.

Global Expansion
Global offsite in Dubai

In 2016, the global team all met in Dubai. This time with 484 team members, almost double the last global offsite.

Dubai Summit
SATMAP renamed as Afiniti

A major milestone, SATMAP was renamed as Afiniti.

First client ski trip

In 2017 we took a group of clients to the Himalayas on a heli-ski trip. The second ever group to ski the mountain range, almost everyone described the trip as the experience of a lifetime.

Ski Trip
20th live client

Bouygues, in France marked our 20th live client.

20th Live Client

05The wilson era


History / 05

The wilson era

Revolution in the algorithm

Fourth generation of the algorithm, internally coded as "Wilson", delivered a revolution for our AI, and the results it delivers.

Revolution In Algorithm
Founding member of Avaya’s AI.Connect initiative

Afiniti is one of six founding members of Avaya’s AI.Connect initiative; Avaya’s leading AI partner group.

Avaya AI Connect
Opening of NYC office

Our showcase office opens on the top floor of The Chrysler Building. In what used to be Walter P. Chrysler’s private apartment, the New York team of 10 people - and five nationalities - continue to grow into the New York Market.

Partnerships with Huawei, Altitude and Avaya all agreed

Our global partnerships went up a notice, with 2017 marking agreements being signed with major telephony vendors across the world. Read more on our partner pages.

Healthcare product launched

Afiniti’s healthcare product goes live, which improves medical adherence rates and life expectancy by pairing medical practitioners to patients. Read more here.

Named as one of the 100 most exciting AI companies in the world

In December 2017, Afiniti was named by CBInsights, and later by Fortune as one of the 100 most promising A.I. companies in the world.

Top 100 A.I. companies
New offices planned for Sydney, Tokyo, Mexico City, Toronto and Minneapolis

By the end of 2018, Afiniti is expected to be 22 offices. We still keep asking for a flume in one of the offices… we keep our fingers crossed!

Office Expansion
Global team hits 900 people

On 1st January 2018, the Afiniti team reaches 900, across 14 countries and 19 nationalities. We’re always on the look-out for amazing talent, so if you’re interested in joining us, have a look at the current opportunities we’re recruiting for across the world.

Come Join!
Afiniti and Avaya sign landmark partnership

Avaya and Afiniti announce a partnership in one of the largest shake ups of the telephony industry in recent years. Avaya natively installs Afiniti’s AI on an exclusive basis within their telephony infrastructure, allowing its clients to benefit from Afiniti Enterprise Behavioral Pairing in record time.