How We Can Help

Any Afiniti service, product, or area of expertise that may be of help during this time will be free to all national governments, national healthcare systems, and not-for-profit organizations involved in handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Where We Can Help

Telephony Expertise

Practical advice, technical expertise and support in dealing with fast-changing telephony needs such as mass increases in call volume, load balancing shifts, migration of call center teams to enable work-from-home, and potential closure of call centers based on insights and trends from how we are currently helping our clients.

Access to our Products

The application of our Behavioral Pairing technology to support healthcare providers dealing with inbound requests for guidance, outbound calls to support at-risk individuals, emergency dial-ins, and general questions supporting COVID-19.

Machine Learning Capabilities

We have a world-class team of data scientists and applied artificial intelligence and machine learning experts. Our machine learning, AI and data teams can provide support identifying hot spot planning procedures, diagnosis trends, vaccine development, individual data collection, medical equipment needs, and other support functions as may be required.

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