McKinsey & Company - Partnership & strategic alliance with Afiniti

Afiniti and McKinsey & Company formed a global strategic alliance in 2014.

Together we deliver customer experience improvement through our proprietary analytics and call flow technology and McKinsey’s strategic and operational advisory services.

We jointly serve customers around the world with an integrated service offering, combining McKinsey’s global footprint and Afiniti‘s transformational technology.

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Afiniti has formed a partnership with Huawei, the world’s largest telecommunications equipment provider.

As part of the partnership, Afiniti is now natively integrated with the latest version of Huawei’s IPCC telephony infrastructure, meaning our joint clients can activate Afiniti’s Enterprise Behavioral Pairing rapidly and efficiently.

Afiniti’s partnership with Huawei is the first native integration of its kind in the world, and we are excited about the benefits we can bring to both Huawei’s existing and new clients as a result of our partnership.

For more information on our partnership with Huawei, or to explore how Huawei’s telephony infrastructure and Afiniti’s AI solutions can help your business today, please get in touch.


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