Afiniti generates $70 million in new revenue for
T-Mobile each year.

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Calls optimized annually


Incremental annual revenue


Increase in telesales revenue


T-Mobile is one of the world’s largest mobile telephony providers, serving 53 million customers in the USA. T-Mobile’s customer service is routinely ranked as one of the best in their peer group, and continuing excellence in customer care is an essential component of T-Mobile USA’s strategic plan.

T-Mobile USA fundamentally recognized the need for customer care optimization. Across the executive suite there was broad consensus that the care organization was the front-line of the business and that investing in technology to help support the care organization was amongst the highest returning projects they could undertake.

T-Mobile was also very sophisticated as to how they analyzed the metrics within their contact center estate. With environments where revenue could be won or lost – sales, retention, and cross-sell/up-sell queues – T-Mobile was aware that the primary metric of success is in fact sales itself. Within collections the primary metric was actual monies collected, and within other queues the critical metric was customer satisfaction.

Operating in an intensely competitive industry, T-Mobile knew that it had to accomplish a higher level of performance without undertaking significant capital expenditure or taking on significant risk.

Increase in retention
Reduction in tech care handle time
Reduction in a pre-paid handle time

Afiniti’s First Assignment: Telesales

T-Mobile USA approached Afiniti in 2010 seeking to use behavioral pairing technology to improve their contact center results. Initially, they were seeking to optimize Telesales conversion rates in response to a strategic decision to focus on new customer acquisition.

Afiniti deployed its Enterprise Behavioral Pairing technology within all four of T-Mobile USA’s outsourcers within six weeks, replacing their historical “first-in first-out” call flow model. The results across T-Mobile’s 1,000 telesales representatives were instant and dramatic. Sales conversion rates jumped by over 5%, and T-Mobile was impressed with the ability to monitor precisely measurable results under Afiniti’s patented benchmarking process.

T-Mobile did not bear any upfront investment and did not have to take any risk. Afiniti accepted the entire commercial risk in exchange for a commissioned engagement in which Afiniti received a fixed amount for each incremental customer delivered.

90-day deployment cycle
Complements all existing telephony
No capital expenditure
Zero operational issues
Enterprise wide deployment

Deployment Timeline
  1. 2010

    Deployed within 90 days across four outsourcers in telesales

  2. 2010

    Sales conversion rates jumped by over 5%

  3. 2011

    Deployed across entire contact center estate of 20,000 agents

  4. Present

    Delivering improved customer satisfaction & retention, higher cross-sell and up-sell rates, and greater collections

Enterprise Expansion

After more than a year of sustained increases in Telesales conversion rates, during which T-Mobile saw its customer satisfaction scores markedly improve, T-Mobile elected to deploy Afiniti’s technology across their entire contact center estate, including Retention, Prepaid, General Care, Technical Care, and Financial Care business lines. As with Telesales, T-Mobile structured specific pay-for-performance terms with Afiniti that eliminated its commercial risk and the need for any capital or operating investment.

Afiniti promptly moved into action, deploying its technology within six to eight weeks for each of the ten PBX/ACDs under T-Mobile USA’s envelope. In short order, Afiniti was optimizing the performance of over 14,000 associates, generating improved customer satisfaction, higher cross-sell and up-sell rates, improved retention, and greater collections.

A key component of the deployment was Afiniti University, in which senior executives from T-Mobile’s marketing, finance, contact center, and technology teams spent a weekend understanding the fundamentals of Afiniti’s design, approach, and benefits. Just as important as the knowledge exchange between the two partners was the opportunity to build the durable personal relationships necessary for the coming together of two high performing teams.

Today, Afiniti generates over $70 million a year in incremental cash flow for T-Mobile and continues to receive a percentage of the benefit it delivers in compensation. Along the way Afiniti was proud to have played a role in helping lift T-Mobile customer service to the #1 ranking by JD Power, and helping T-Mobile achieve one of the highest agent retention rates in the industry.

Today, Afiniti generates over $70 million a year in incremental cash flow for T-Mobile

Ongoing relationship

Afiniti maintains an exceptionally close relationship with T-Mobile USA, and participates as a true strategic partner in helping craft T-Mobile’s next generation customer care model. T-Mobile and Afiniti jointly believe that delivering the highest possible level of customer experience is central to long-term success.

On an operational level, the partnership encompasses an ongoing dialog on changes in the contact center agent population, shifts in incentive structures, changes in skills-based routing plans, and upcoming marketing and sales initiatives. This is critical to ensure that Afiniti is continually adjusting its artificial intelligence algorithms to ensure ongoing peak performance.

Over the next year, the T-Mobile USA and Afiniti partnership is exploring extended use of Afiniti’s technology in areas such as text chat, video interactions, email, and other interaction channels. We make a great pair.

  • Over 50 million calls optimized
  • Avaya, Cisco, VHT, IBEX/NICE integrated
  • 2% reduction in average handle time
  • Delivering 35,000 subscribers per year

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