Afiniti has increased sale close rates by 5.3% at Sprint.

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Sprint is one of the USA’s leading telecommunications providers, serving 54 million customers. Sprint wanted to improve the performance of its call center results. Facing an intensely competitive market, the executive suite identified a strategy to generate new customers through higher sales conversion rates in its inbound sales call centers.

Sprint recognized that conversations where callers make a positive connection increase agent and customer satisfaction and generate higher levels of sales and conversion rates. This also results in calls being more efficient, leading to reduced handle time and lower business costs.

Sprint knew it had to accomplish a higher level of performance without taking on significant risk or undertaking new capital expenditure. Afiniti contracted with Sprint on a pay-for-performance basis, under which Sprint made no significant investment and took no material commercial risk.

deployment cycle
increase in sales close rate
agents optimized

Sprint Case Study Map

Afiniti’s Assignment: Deploy in Inbound Telesales

Sprint approached Afiniti in 2011 seeking to use behavioral pairing technology to improve their contact center performance results. Initially, they were seeking to optimize Telesales conversion rates as part of a strategic decision to increase new customer acquisitions.

Afiniti was first deployed in 2011 across 300 agents handling inbound consumer Telesales at sites based in the Philippines, replacing Sprint’s historical ‘first-in first-out’ call flow model with Afiniti’s Enterprise Behavioral Pairing®. Afiniti’s behavioral pairing technology is the only contact center solution that optimizes call outcomes to pair agents with callers in real-time based on behavior. This leads to an increased likelihood that callers and agents feel a natural rapport, a decisive factor in environments where revenues can be won or lost. The results of Afiniti were immediate: sales conversion rates jumped and Sprint could precisely measure the ongoing positive impact through Afiniti’s patented benchmarking process.

The design and implementation was completed within 90 days across the existing telephony with no interruptions to operations. Sprint did not bear any upfront investment and did not have to take any risk. Afiniti accepted the entire commercial risk in exchange for a commissioned engagement in which Afiniti received a fixed amount for each incremental customer delivered.

90-day deployment cycle
Complements all existing telephony
No capital expenditure
Zero operational issues
Enterprise wide deployment

Deployment Timeline
  1. 2011

    Deployed within 90 days across 300 agents in inbound telesales

  2. 2011

    Expanded to cover 1000 sales agents handling inbound consumer sales

  3. 2013

    Delivering a marked increase in guest satisfaction

  4. 2015

    Launched across nine contact centers and 2000 agents in collections

Enterprise Expansion

Later in 2011, Sprint elected to quickly expand Afiniti’s behavioral pairing solution to the remaining 1000 sales agents who handle inbound consumer sales. These sites are located in the Philippines, Romania, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Following great success in improving sales conversion rates, Sprint saw deep value in optimizing key performance metrics by expanding Afiniti to other areas in their contact estate. In 2015, Afiniti was launched across nine contact centers and 2000 agents in Primary Collections to improve 30-day cure rates and reduce bad debt.

A key component of the expanded deployment was Afiniti University, in which senior executives from Sprint’s marketing, finance, contact center, and technology teams spent a weekend understanding the fundamentals of Afiniti’s design, approach, and benefits. Just as important as the knowledge exchange between the two partners was the opportunity to build the durable personal relationships necessary for the pairing of two high performing teams.

To date, Afiniti has optimized 24 million calls into Sprint’s contact centers, helping to convert them into 78,000 cumulative incremental customers, and generated $100 million in incremental cash flow for Sprint. Along the way, Afiniti is proud to have played a role in improving their contact center environments and customer satisfaction rates.

Afiniti has delivered a 5.3% increase in sales close rate,
generating over $100 million in incremental revenue

Ongoing Relationship

On an operational level, the partnership between Sprint and Afiniti encompasses an ongoing dialogue on changes in the contact center agent population, shifts in incentive structures, changes in skills-based routing plans, and upcoming marketing and sales initiatives. Afiniti continually adjusts our artificial intelligence algorithms to ensure ongoing peak performance.

Afiniti’s results exceeded Sprint’s expectations. Afiniti has delivered a 5.3% increase in sales close rate, generating over $100 million in incremental revenue. We look forward to optimizing Sprint’s collections metrics in 2016.

Afiniti maintains an exceptionally close relationship with Sprint. Together we believe that delivering the highest possible level of customer experience is central to long-term success. We make a great pair.

  • Over 24 million calls optimized
  • Avaya PBX, NICE IEX WFM integrated
  • 3,300 agents optimized
  • 70,000 gross adds

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